A command line tool to easily access functions and services in SUSE Manager that are commonly used by administrators and a few most people aren't aware of.

Why am I doing this?

A: It would be handy to have

B: it's Hack Week. I'm not a developer, and I don't have developer skills. This will help me learn, and get me more familiar with tools like Git.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 18


  • about 4 years ago: chasecrum originated this project.

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    • chasecrum
      about 4 years ago by chasecrum | Reply

      6/27 update: main menuing system is in place. Submenus are sporadic and need more work. Some of the actions are functioning at this point. Should be able to actually get this completed by the end of hackweek :)

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