Get rid of your foreign currencies - support the war on hunger!

a project by mfeilner

The Doc team decided to collect remainders of foreign currencies to donate them to a 3rd world project. There is a box in the Documentation office on 1st floor AND in the All Hands Area where you can drop coins, bills or whatever currency you have left over from your last holiday trip that you don't need anymore.

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Reactive programming with Python RxPy

a project by SShyukriev

I'm planning to get basics of Reactive Programming and especially the documentation in ReactiveX and try some examples from RxPy Interesting links:

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Learn more Cryptography knowledge and FIPS related standard.

an idea by bchou

Security field is getting more important these years. I plan to learn more about Cryptography related knowledge to improve the FIPS testing in the future. Refer to a Note from github

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a project by gfigueir

[CaaS] [CAP] Work on a long term solution for L3 team to easily reproduce customer's issues I had previously cobbled up a "one script CaaS2 installer":

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Play with MACCHIATObin

a project by lyan

  1. Boot up MACCHIATObin with a linux kernel
  2. Boot up MACCHIATObin with opensuse
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Building SDN with Raspberry Pis and Zodiac FX switch

a project by lyan

Have several raspberry pis at hand, and also bought a Zodiac a while ago, will setup a software define network with ryu. Also will check on package possibility for ryu in opensuse 1 Firmware update:

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Virtual GPU display support for Guest VM

a project by lyan

0 Background This will be a verification test for Intel i915, code has been merged into kernel 4.16 and qemu 2.12, will provide a setup manual as output.

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hack with "yes_ship_it" and add it to kubeojo

a project by dmaiocchi i was really curious about this project but i never had the time to use it.

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learning deepsea and ceph world

a project by dmaiocchi

just learning this awesome software we contribute at @suse upstream.

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Network improvements in our Gran Canaria extra-official office

a project by rtorrero

I'd like to spent some time improving the network for our office in Gran Canaria in the following aspects: - Mini rack: Get a cheap or second hand mini rack to put all the network equipment inside.

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