Have several raspberry pis at hand, and also bought a Zodiac a while ago, will setup a software define network with ryu. Also will check on package possibility for ryu in opensuse

1 Firmware update:

Update to 0.84



2 Interface connection:

Controller(RP3):, port 4

Zodiac FX Switch:

Server(laptop/workstation):, ports 3- mirror port

Clients(RP3s):, ports 1,2

3 software

Controller: Ryu + Faucet For openflow 1.3 https://github.com/faucetsdn/faucet

Server: Poseidon https://github.com/CyberReboot/poseidon

Clients: normal network setup

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 17


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    • fgharianinovell
      almost 6 years ago by fgharianinovell | Reply

      This looks pretty interesting as im looking into learnng SDN and would be better simulation;) will do my research but let me know how to meet up and work on it together;)

      • lyan
        almost 6 years ago by lyan | Reply

        Hi, fgharianinovell, thanks for the interesting first.

        I planed to work on ZODIAC FX board, (https://northboundnetworks.com/products/zodiac-fx), so this won't be a simulation, it will be a real SDN network, add-emoji

        There is a similar blog working on it too(https://blog.cyberreboot.org/building-a-software-defined-network-with-raspberry-pis-and-a-zodiac-fx-switch-97184032cdc1), I plan to try it on opensuse though.

        If you want to join, which is great, could you work on the stuff about configure "ryu" in a RP3 board. You could reserve one from our orthos, I can focus on Zodiac FX boot up and firmware update, then merge your stuff to build this area network.

        I am not quite familiar with "ryu", so your help would be quite helpful to me. I believe the most difficult work should be "control node", then setup two clients for verification.

        We can make it work at first, then we can working on package stuff for ryu and related dependency. what do you say?

        For contact, we can use email, irc(#virt lyan) or Pidgin. I work remotely in KY, Eastern Time Zone.

    • fgharianinovell
      almost 6 years ago by fgharianinovell | Reply

      Thanks! yes most surely:) according to orthos team, there are not RP3 to setup. so I have hands on one RP3 from a colleague I was playing with today and tried to hack into, and will look into more for Ryu ;) we can communicate also through IRC (fghariani) or email, Im located in NUE-DE and keep you updated ;) happy hacking!

    • lyan
      almost 6 years ago by lyan | Reply

      Zodiac_FX firmware update is easier than I thought. Update to latest version 0.84 now.

      Zodiac_FX# show version

      Firmware version: 0.84

      Zodiac_FX(config)# show config


      Name: Zodiac_FX

      MAC Address: 70-B3-D5-6C-D7-CC

      IP Address:



      OpenFlow Controller:

      OpenFlow Port: 6633

      Openflow Status: Enabled

      Failstate: Secure

      Force OpenFlow version: Disabled

      EtherType Filtering: Disabled

    • lyan
      almost 6 years ago by lyan | Reply

      Kind Understand the relationship between Faucet, Ryu, Poseidon now. add-emoji Faucet is the real controller, an app of Ryu. Poseidon is an assistant app, data processing, help build better openflow tables for Faucet. Also look into openflow 1.3 for a little bit(1.5 is latest). Good learn so far!

    • fgharianinovell
      almost 6 years ago by fgharianinovell | Reply

      goody! Hacking RPi3 with two different distributions (testing SLES for ARM RPi3), found bugs with needed packages, building the first application with ryu :) playing with the controller and learning about SDN so far ! still need a white box switch for testing;)

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