Automated watering project

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PROBLEM I would like to start growing crops but during summer it gets too hot and sometimes I need to water several times a day. Besides, water is a scarce resource which should be used only when required. Therefore, I would like to have a system that water the plants for me.

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Smart tool to show current K8s network performance

an idea by mosquetero

How cool would be it if a Sales Engineer could run a tool in the customer's site that measures the network performance to demonstrate how fast our K8s platform is? What if the customer could do that herself/himself to provide useful information to our support team in order to find the source of a bug? What about using such tool for our CI to discover potential performance regressions? What if the tool was smart enough to change configurations on the fly and run optional tests based on the measurements it collects? It is obvious there is a wide variety of use cases where we could benefit from such tool. I have been learning Kubernetes and go for a few months and now it is time to combine both! This tool will use a K8s controller that will create pods to do the measurements and then fetch the results. Based on those, it will decide to just return those values or change config and run extra tests.

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