Ceph Radosgw Client in Android File Manager

a project by alexlau

Ceph is very robust for keeping data, beside using cephfs or exporting rbd. It is not too easy to access object directly with a client, let alone mobile. By using Rados gateway, android client can easily using S3/Swift http/s request to read object data from the internet. It is a simple idea to use an existing open source android FileManager e.g.

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Offline SUSE Audio AI Assistant

an invention by alexlau

Following up on Hackweek 22, the RAG AI aims to answer customer questions by relating them to SUSE documentation. The dependency on OpenAI is being removed in favor of an open source, GPU-less LLM platform to provide an audio assistant that can be used across platforms. So the goal of this demo is to create an offline, no GPU-required audio assistant workflow.

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