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L3 workflow in Jira

an idea by puzel

L3 workflow is implemented in a custom, developed in-house, tool called SolidGround Explore possibilities to implement existing L3 workflow in Jira to determine whether it could potentially replace SolidGround, thus reducing the effort needed to develop and maintain SolidGround.

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MSQA Department documentation from a newbie perspective

a project by deneb_alpha

The Maintenance Coordination, Security and Quality Assurance department documentation is organized and handled on Confluence and there are several pages and how-to available for new team members or other colleagues searching for more information. The processes and workflow documentation is a key asset for on-boarding quickly new employees and for improving existing workflows.

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Explore Crev as collaborative code audit

a project by pperego

Project Description

Crev [1] is a collaborative code audit idea. Since it's common that more security engineers can work on the same projects, or there can be a different person auditing a piece of code after some time, there is the need to keep track of the code audit notes in a non-repudiable way.

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