The problem I typically find very hard to figure out in the whole SUSE company who is the go-to guy for a certain skill/knowledge/experience. I'd like to have some place where one, who does not know people around him, can just browse and search for people by some tag or label. Sometimes you have a problem in a specific area but you don't know who to ask to, or even if you do, you don't know there were many other people with the same knowledge/experience you could have ask before.

The idea Getting inspired by GitHub/GitLab issues and labels, we could have a website with all SUSE employees and a list of assigned tags as a property to look up for people with a certain knowledge/experience.

The solution - a web page with all the SUSE employees - a list of tags and the possibility to create new tags - a single page per each employee - a list of assigned tags for a single profile - a toolbox in the single profile page where to add an existing tag, or create a new one and assign it to the profile. Let the people freely assign tags to people profiles (if I know you know something, I will add the tag to you and you can be visible and reachable by that tech area) - a global search-by-tag box to add the possibility to look for people by the list of existing tags, or by a partial match with the inserted text.

Use case example Let's say we have { tags : [java, javascript, cloud, python, perl, suse manager, network, obs, jenkins, licenses, ruby, ....] } and I look for "java", then the search result should include all people with both the java and the javascript tag.

It frequently happen that we have the same problem in different products, but we solve it in different ways because we don't know the each other problem exists or it has been already solved. This feature could be very useful, especially for asking for help or ideas.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

suse web search

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Hack Week 17


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