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Package MONAI Machine Learning Models for Medical Applications

an invention by jordimassaguerpla

Project Description

MONAI Deploy aims to become the de-facto standard for developing packaging, testing, deploying, and running medical AI applications in clinical production. MONAI Deploy creates a set of intermediate steps where researchers and physicians can build confidence in the techniques and approaches used with AI — allowing for an iterative workflow.

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a project by ngetahun

Project Description

At SCC, we have a rotating task of COOTW (Commanding Office of the Week). This task involves responding to customer requests from jira and slack help channels, monitoring production systems and doing small chores. Usually, we have documentation to help the COOTW answer questions and quickly find fixes. Most of these are distributed across github, trello and SUSE Support documentation. The aim of this project is to explore the magic of LLMs and create a conversational bot.

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