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Extend GObject based introspectable API to libzypp

an invention by zbenjamin

Project Description

Currently we are in a situation with libzypp where we have a C++ based and hard to use API. Due

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Port OTPClient to GTK >= 4.12

a record by pstivanin

Project Description

OTPClient is currently using GTK3 and cannot easily be ported to GTK4.

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Deep Packet Inspection: compare the performance between libnetfilter_queue, NF_HOOK and eBPF XDP

an invention by nguyens

Deep Packet Inspection: compare the performance between libnetfilterqueue, NFHOOK and eBPF XDP

Project Description

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Vulkan Widget for GTK

an invention by yudaike

Project Description

Sometimes when developing a GTK program, we want some nice 3D rendered content in it. And to do that, usually we want to use some Graphics API.

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80-bit floats support on x86_64 for Valgrind

a project by mfranc

Project Description

Valgrind currently lacks support for 80-bit extended precision floating point arithmetic on x86_64 (long double). The current implementation uses 64-bit arithmetic instead, which means that programs running on x86_64 with "long double" give different results when running under Valgrind and natively. People were asking for support for this since like forever, but to date nobody went on implementing it. It's a project for a year, unless somebody has time to work on it full time, but one has to start somewhere. :-)

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The Missing Middle: Add an intermediate brightness setting for auxiliary LEDs in Andúril 2

a project by gkenion

Project Description

Andúril is an open-source firmware for LED flashlights, which runs on several versions of ATtiny chip. It provides advanced functionality like configurable modes, brightness ramping, safety lockout, etc. via a UI controlled by a single button.

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Avahi Integration and Network Connection

a project by vojha

Avahi Integration and Network Connection

Project Description

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Extract generic testing framework from Linux Test Project code base

an invention by acervesato

Project Description

The Linux Test Project has a solid and strong code base which could be used to create a generic testing framework.

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