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TypeScript is a programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft.

Port the Minion job queue to TypeScript

a project by kraih

Project Description

As part of the mojo.js project i want to port the Minion job queue from Perl to TypeScript and release it as an npm package. In the future this will allow parts of Mojolicious applications like openQA to be written in TypeScript/JavaScript (in addition to Perl).

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Adopt Typescript in D-Installer

a project by IGonzalezSosa

Project Description

In January, we announced the D-Installer project, an attempt to build a web-based installer on top of YaST and Cockpit. Since then, the codebase has grown significantly, especially the JavaScript part.

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Open Source Firmware for EV chargers using the ESP32 Chip (Autoaid / EN-Plus / EVSEDO)

an invention by bschmidt

Project Description

This Project is about having an Open Source Firmware for proprietary EV Chargers / Wallboxes based on the ESP32 chip.

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