DIY flight sim throttle quadrant

a project by lpalovsky

Project Description

The idea is to create a DIY throttle quadrant for flight simulators like MSFS or X-plane.

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Use ESP-01S as WiFi to UART bridge

a project by iivanov

Project Description

Currently with just with 8 RPi devices cables occupy most of the space in the 'rack. Reduce the clutter with replacing USB to UART converter with WiFi to UART ones.

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Learning ROS

a project by zhonglidong

Project Description

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools for building robot applications. From drivers and state-of-the-art algorithms to powerful developer tools, ROS has the open source tools you need for your next robotics project.

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Write a CLI program for OneDev

a project by cxiong

Project Description

Develop a CLI (Python) for OneDev.

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CI/CD pipeline with Gitlab/Docker/Kubernetes

a project by waynechen55

Project Description

CI/CD, which stands for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), creates a faster and more precise way of combining the work of different people into one cohesive product. In application development and operations (DevOps), CI/CD streamlines application coding, testing and deployment by giving teams a single repository for storing work and automation tools to consistently combine and test the code to ensure it works.

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Learn move knowledge about build website and improve qa xfstests dashboard

a project by yosun


A dashboard for testing and analysis xfstests results just initial this year. It has a lot of performance issues to fix, and it also needed to add more features to get usable. Also bootstrap looks very easy to use, plan to learn some frontend knowledge for fun.

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Tool to collect relevant data from images and containers tested in openQA

a project by jlausuch

Project Description

This idea has been partially implemented for JeOS images, where we are collecting some data from the images whenever a new build ends up in openQA. For instance, is collecting the size of the image, as well as total number of RPMs, the list of RPMs with their size and some filesystem information.

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generate a python tool to create test suites from migration test matrix

an idea by leli

Project Description

I will generate the python tool to create test suites from migration test matrix instead of the old tool with VB.

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TeX macros for a puzzle game

a project by mcalabkova


There is plenty of puzzle games (see Šifrovač, but currently none designed for children. With my husband we are thinking of starting/reviving one and creation of a fine typesetting system is one of the preliminary steps. The macros could also be used by other puzzle games in need of a new typesetting system (I could publish them if I liked my work).

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Learning boot loader

a project by qzhao

Learning boot loader related knowledge

Learn about boot manager, including trusted computing, disk encryption, EFI, storage and more

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