elasticsearch/windows search

an idea by npower

Project Description

Continuation of exploration of using elasticsearch to provide windows search functionality with samba

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AstroRPi using opensuse leap

a project by rmaliska

Currently I am using astroberry server for all my astroprojects. I have a spare RPi 4, so will try to install opensuse leap on it and configure it so I could use it for my astro projects. Plan is:

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Deep dive into 3D printing

an idea by rmaliska

From my last hackweek project I would like to continue. Upgrade went well, current issue is the first layer is not sticking well. Also I had no time for improving my 3D modelling skills so its time to do also this. Plan is to:

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Write "advanced" tagging engine for browser bookmarks

a project by gniebler

This is a side project I started a while ago. The idea is to implement a tagging engine with some "advanced" features for browser bookmarks. I have many ideas for possible features, but the most basic are inclusion and exclusion relations between tags. For re-finding a given bookmark, I want to implement a TagTree-like structure, to replace the strict hierarchy of folders. This basically defines the MVP for this project.

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Script to populate package tag on openQA tests

an idea by emiura

A shell script to automatically populate the package tag on openQA tests, so no need to fill in manually.

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Develop an algorithm to create huge 3D worlds based on height maps

a project by ilausuch

Project Description

While I run I always like exploring the world, looking for new path to walk. But of course our resources to do that are limited. So I thought that would be nice to recreate legendary places like Tolkien's maps in 3D and be free to walk around

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qemu-kvm streamlined binary

a project by claudiofontana

Since a few months it is now possible to build an upstream QEMU which includes only our supported VCPU accelerator.

Project Description

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Kernel livepatching tooling: improve klp-ccp's target abstraction

a project by nstange

Project Description

The kernel livepatching team developed klp-ccp to automate the work intensive task of copy&pasting self-contained livepatches from the original kernel sources together. We started using it right away as soon as it had been in a somewhat workable state, even though some quirks and workarounds are still required in everyday usage. The main barrier towards developing klp-ccp further is its internal compiler abstraction, intended to keep the generic code independent from the original compiler resp. the target architecture. It evolved over time and had been amended incrementally in an ad-hoc fashion as needed to quickly reach the main goal at the time. So there's room for improvement.

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Updating openSUSE Factory packages

a project by pluskalm

Project Description

Make sure that as many as possible packages in openSUSE:Factory are up to date

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setup pvpgn on raspberry 4

a project by jerrytang

Project Description

pvpgn is opensoure for private battlenet 1.0 . (ext diablo2 starcraft war3 )

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