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The kernel livepatching team developed klp-ccp to automate the work intensive task of copy&pasting self-contained livepatches from the original kernel sources together. We started using it right away as soon as it had been in a somewhat workable state, even though some quirks and workarounds are still required in everyday usage. The main barrier towards developing klp-ccp further is its internal compiler abstraction, intended to keep the generic code independent from the original compiler resp. the target architecture. It evolved over time and had been amended incrementally in an ad-hoc fashion as needed to quickly reach the main goal at the time. So there's room for improvement.

Goal for this Hackweek

Rework the compiler/target abstraction in order to make it cleaner and more flexible. The goal for this hackweek is to provide proper support for representing the compiler/target specific extended C types such as _int128, _float80 and others.


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Hack Week 20


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