Phylogen: an iterative approach to evolutionary tree analysis

a project by dmulder As part of a graduate project I created the phylogen script, which combines the ASTRAL and IQTREE analysis tools into one iterative approach to finding the highest bootstrap score tree for various species of Mayflies. At the completion of the project, there was some work left undone, and I had a few ideas on how to improve the average bootstrap score of the final tree.

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[Windows Subsystem for Linux] Build newest WSL-DistroLauncher in OBS

a project by lkocman

This is a task to update current WSL-Launcher (which can be already buildt in OBS) with latest-greatest upstream code Fork of fabian's project (initial work to get it working):

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terracumber: python replacement for sumaform-test-runner

an invention by juliogonzalezgil

At SUSE Manager and Uyuni we use right now a set of bash scripts called sumaform-test-runner to run terraform and cucumber, send notifications and store cucumber results. However such scripts are currently hard to maintain and extend, and bash is clearly showing it's limitations when it comes to parsing cucumber results, working with JSON stuff, or using APIs. Besides it forces us to have credentials hardcoded at the files, which is a huge problem for making a public CI for Uyuni.

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Try wireguard

a project by bmwiedemann

zypper in wireguard-tools Did a Debian OBS build:

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Write openQA testsuite for profanity

a project by mvetter

Having done only very little with openQA in the past I would like to learn more about it. I would like to start writing a test suite for profanity.

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SUSE Manager Testsuite speed up and organization

an invention by oscar-barrios

Currently, the SUMA test-suite takes about 6 hours to complete, often fails in the first tests, which set up the environment for the rest of the tests, those tests are what we named "core features". To solve this problem we had planned to move from Jenkins Job to a Jenkins Pipeline, having stages to split the test suite into core features, initialize clients, secondary features. So,if one stage fails, the rest of the stages will not be executed.

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Machine Learning on bugzilla

a project by mslacken

Goals * get used to some of this ugly buzzword tools as they are used in a broad audience

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SUSE Manager L3 bugs: statistics and predictive analysis

a project by moio


L3 bug load is a concern in the SUSE Manager Development Team, and we want to do something about that.

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