Bring /media directory back

a project by sbrabec

/media was a very comfortable thing standardized by FHS. After introduction of desktop based udisks mounts, the directory became empty. Paths like /run/media/me/directory or /run/user/1000/gvfs are used nowadays. When used from a terminal, it is very uncomfortable. As mounts are private to users, the old style of /media use cannot be returned back. But with a kernel namespaces feature, it is possible to make private mounts, and each user can see a different contents of /media.

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Getting started with machine learning

a project by krauselukas

My first hands-on machine learning using scikit-learn and tensorflow. If there is time in the end i would like to implement it into one of my existing projects by maybe processing some sensor data.

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restic and kubernetes

a project by darix

learn both and be awesome

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Travis CI build monitor for iOS

an idea by nwmac

Create an app for iOS that shows Travis CI build status for my repos and uses push notifications to notify me when a build fails. Experiment with the native dev tools but also look at frameworks like React Native to speed development.

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Run daps on Ubuntu

an idea by ta-ro

Install and test the documentation environment daps on Ubuntu.

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The Chameleon Harmonists

a project by rmax

Join us in singing a capella — barbershop-style and others. Find us on RocketChat: #chameleon-harmonists

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OpenShift Origin on Kubic

a project by RBrownSUSE

The incredible Neal Gompa has packaged Open Shift Origin (RH's core Docker + Kubernetes stack) for openSUSE Links:

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Trying to finish WSL images for Leap 15 and SLES 15

a project by sschricker

As title says, I want to finish the Windows Subsystem for Linux images of SLES and Leap 15, which Fabian Vogt provided, so they can be shipped to the Windows Store.

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Dependency "closure" based on libzypp and repository metadata - zypp-closure

a project by xgonzo

zypp-closure is a small helper tool making use of libzypp and the metadata of product repositories. The idea is to generate a dependency closure for a package or list of packages based on repositories metadata.

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Telegram to RSS/Atom gate

an idea by bbobrov

Telegram is a proprietary messenger that gained some popularity recently. It has FOSS client, API and binding for the API. It has private chats, group chats and "channels". Channels are content feeds. RSS allows users to access updates to online content in a standardized, computer-readable format.

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