Terraform plugin for SCC

a project by ikapelyukhin

After playing around with Terraform, a wild idea appeared to write a plugin for SCC. The code for the plugin is in the

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libpcap/tcpdump: LINKTYPE_LINUX_SLL2 implementation

an idea by pvorel

Linux "cooked" capture encapsulation in libpcap/tcpdump doesn't allow to show interface name. There is v2 specification, but it hasn't been implemented yet.

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Brine in Go: A Salt Formula Build System

a project by Druonysus

What is Brine?

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a project by jbohac


Replace the config-generating scripts to generate a minimalist grub2 config

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Improve support for Fuji X cameras

a project by msmeissn

The Fuji X series cameras are not well supported in libgphoto2 yet. I want to borrow some for the Hackweek and fix the bugs in libgphoto2.

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Automate fstest runs using SUSE Engineering Cloud

a project by jankara

Currently, each filesystem developer does his fstests runs (a testsuite for regression-testing of filesystems) on his dedicated test machine, on Orthos machine, ... This not only means duplication of efforts to automate this testing but also leads to inefficient use of resources (sometimes the test machine is just idle, sometimes you would need more tests to run in parallel to speed up development). The goal of this effort is to use SUSE Engineering Cloud to implement fire-and-forget fstests runs where you specify kernel to test (fetched from git tree or so), fstests configs to run, and then just pick up test results later on...

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Try to get sound working via bluetooth ...

an idea by sndirsch

During hackweek I'll try to get sound working via bluetooth on my Thinkpad T470, which is still running openSUSE Leap 42.3.

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Become a CAD expert

a project by vuntz

A few months ago, I started thinking "it cannot be that hard to model my house using some CAD software". And of course I miserably failed. I'm using this week as an opportunity to take the time to learn about CAD and manage to do something with it. And it's a good project where I can deal with interruptions (which are expected).

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Deep learning/ AI topics (Continuation from HW 16)

a project by arun_kant

Planning to do some deep learning course sessions e.g. fastai , google ML crash course etc. Also try to understand common tools (tensorflow, jupyter notebook, numpy, pandas, pytorch) and practices e.g. Convoluation neutral nets, SGD used to solve learning problems. Aim is to get ready for kaggle competition (https://www.kaggle.com/competitions) eventually to test out learning and develop intuition around categories of learning problems.

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Do something about btrfs and raid56

a project by dsterba

Somebody do something! Goals

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