A naive idea to compromise confidential level of embargoed vulnerabilities

an idea by zhangxiaofei

Disclaimer: I have zero knowledge on security studies and very little knowledge on our internal security workflow. The idea popped out from the observation on my daily work which includes backporting security fixes, occasionally a couple of which are embargoed. Lashes are welcome if you find the idea stupid. When an embargoed vulnerability reaches SUSE, the related bugs / fixes are usually only exposed to a small group of people including maintainers of the affected package. While bugzilla can made an issue private for that purpose, For OBS I'm unaware of an option like "private project / package" that blocks unwanted access (please correct me if it does exist).

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Contribute to sle-classic, gnome-shell

an idea by qkzhu

Get involved in the development of gnome-shell in this week. backlog:

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Learn Kyber multiqueue I/O scheduler

an idea by gqjiang

There are some multiqueue I/O scheduler nowadays, such as bfq and kyber. And bfq is really complex (about 10K LOC)and error prone from my understanding, since kyber only has less than 1k LOC, it should be more easier and practical to read/play it in one week.

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Caasp meet GitLab

an idea by dmaiocchi

GitLab offer the possibility to use the CI on Kubernetes. We could then offer varios R&D teams the possiblity to use the GitLab-CI with "free" resources for testing on GitLab-Ci.

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Software Archaeology on FriCAS

a project by zcjia

Hacking on the advanced open source computer algebra system -- FriCAS, which has a long history that dates back to 1965. It has not aged very well: 108 C files has been edited only 66 times in the past decade, and full of compiler warnings;

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Hibernate encryption and authentication adapt to user land util and keyring

a project by joeyli

Intel Chen Yu developed a user land utility: Introduce the in-kernel hibernation encryption

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Learn O'reilly Fundamentals of Deep learning

a project by jerrytang

Ai and Machine learning play important role in our life, I'd like to learn it. research to see is there any way of using DEEP learning on open source stuff.

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Desktop comparison between Leap and Fedora (e.g. software update stack, gnome-initial-setup, CJK support etc.)

an idea by yfjiang

The project to give an investigation of the difference between openSUSE Leap (aligned with SLE), Tumbleweed (SLE's future release) and Fedora (a good gnome based Desktop outside SUSE release family), trying to have a better understanding of what the Leap/SLE desktop can possibly be as a general platform in future releases. The investigation will focus on gnome-software update stack, initial setup of the system after installation, as well as the CJK support. Surprising difference is not excluded during playing across distributions.

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Using Flask-restful to build a set of restful API for HA cluster

a project by XinLiang

This is somehow related with our team's work(https://fate.suse.com/323437), We want to write a set of restful API for any components in HA product stack use to control the cluster.

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Build an online RSS reader

a project by ericp

I'd like to see a web-based desktop RSS reader with a simple 3-pane interface like SharpReader's SharpReader's but it runs in Firefox and uses Firefox shared storage to store the user's usage data on their local machines, not on a server. Technology:

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