early stage kdump support

a project by mbrugger

Project Description

When we experience a early boot crash, we are not able to analyze the kernel dump, as user-space wasn't able to load the crash system. The idea is to make the crash system compiled into the host kernel (think of initramfs) so that we can create a kernel dump really early in the boot process.

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Model checking the BPF verifier

a project by shunghsiyu

Project Description

BPF verifier plays a crucial role in securing the system (though less so now that unprivileged BPF is disabled by default in both upstream and SLES), and bugs in the verifier has lead to privilege escalation vulnerabilities in the past (e.g. CVE-2021-3490).

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Authenticated hashes for BTRFS

a project by dsterba

Project Description

Implement a checksum algorithm for BTRFS that uses and authenticated (keyed) hash. There are 2 cryptographically secure hashes supported by btrfs, sha256 and blake2b.

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