Switch to MicroOS desktop.

a project by lpalovsky

Few months ago I switched my home workstation and media center to Micro OS desktop and I cannot imagine switching back to normal distribution. After some consideration I realized it should work fine (even better) on the notebook I am using for work.

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TIU - Transactional Image Update

a project by kukuk

Project Description

Provide image based transactional updates for MicroOS.

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containerizing MicroOS Desktop components

a project by fcrozat

Project Description

Moving as much as possible of MicroOS Desktop into containers.

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openSUSE build supported by SUSE IT

a project by vgrinco

Project Description

SUSE IT needs help from fellow geekos with release engineering skills to define the requirements, process, infrastructure, and tools for building an openSUSE-based distribution bundled with SUSE IT-supported application stack. The resulting OS build will be offered as a standard distribution for new SUSE employees in addition to the existing Operating System library.

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