Port some classic game to Linux

a project by MDoucha

Let's pick some old classic game, reverse engineer the data formats and game rules and write an open source engine for it from scratch. Some games from 1990s are simple enough that we could have a playable prototype by the end of the week. Write which games you'd like to hack on in the comments. Don't forget to check e.g. on Open Source Game Clones, Github and SourceForge whether the game is ported already.

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A set of utilities to produce a "from scratch" OCI/Docker container using Opensuse/SLE rpms

a project by ldragon

Project Description

I recently used melange and apko to build a from scratch image. The result was a set of auditable and easy to use container and apk repository. The toolkit reduces the work need to make from scratch images with minimal work on the actual docker container(which can be quite painful if you've tried making a from scratch image on your own).

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LSP server for SPEC files

an invention by mcepl

Has anybody ever heard about RPM Spec LSP server? That would be awesome thing to have (at least for completion)? The best I know is this:

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Cast: A simple alternative to the Make build tool

a project by bbachmann

Project Description

GNU Make has been a popular software tool used for automating simple build, test, and general source code management tasks for a long time. You'll find Makefiles in many software repositories – we use it on many projects as SUSE! For the most part, Make does its job, but often what people want to do with it is not exactly what it was designed for. Specifically, Make users often use Makefiles as a means a means of building out a set of commands that can be applied to their repository. But therein lies the problem: Make was not designed to build quick command line utilities at all, and it quickly becomes a nightmare as soon as the user wants to include arguments or options in their commands. The common alternative is simply to build out a tangled mess of build scripts.

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an invention by dgarcia

Project Description

The idea is to work on projects related to GNOME (libs/apps or others) that needs some love, components that are important for the desktop, but has few contributions lately.

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Rebasing of the current MicroOS installation

a project by epaolantonio

Project Description

It would be nice being able to "rebase" a MicroOS/Aeon/Kalpa installation. This can be useful, for example, to undo changes done manually with transactional-update shell, to try another variant (like replacing Aeon with Kalpa) and so on... but the goal of this project is mostly to get more knowledgeable with the MicroOS/ALP internals (tukit, snapper, et all) while doing something fun.

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Forklift - Text based GUI utility for dealing with containers

an invention by andreabenini

Project Description

This is a simple and handy text based GUI utility for dealing with boring

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