Mottainai - what a waste!

a project by EDiGiacinto

Mottainai - Task/Job/Build Server for everyone!

Written in Golang. You can find the source code on GitHub and docs here.

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Play with Go and RL

a project by EDiGiacinto

I would like to learn and play with RL/ML and Go ( gorgonia for example). The lack of Reinforcement Learning library in Golang makes me very sad, so I wanted to implement a RL algorithm and alongside create a small library for RL and go in general. On the other hand, I would like also to expand and add features on a project that I'm working on: https://github.com/mudler/luet . It's a package manager based on containers, focused on cloud/OTA-alike update delivery. It would be nice to combine the two ideas, for e.g. to achieve one feature.

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Hack around c3os

a project by EDiGiacinto

Project Description

C3OS is a lightweight Kubernetes-focused GNU/Linux elemental derivative that optionally supports automatic node discovery, automatic role assignment and optionally VPN out of the box with no kubernetes networking configuration required.

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