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Store the OS root-tree on a container storage. The idea is to build a minimal golang tool capable to init a container storage to a custom location, store remote OCI images in there and mount them into a custom mountpoint. Next step is to craft a dracut based initrd including such a tool to mount the OS at boot. Finally, craft a disk with an EFI partition including the kernel, initrd and systemd-boot.

This could be used in the context of Elemental to simplify upgrades and customizations. A way to facilitate full root-tree upgrades from a completely detached image at the same time layered upgrades are possible or even some sort of 'transactional updates' as the OS could be updated with a simple zypper up by running a container with the current OS and comitting it afterwards.

Goal for this Hackweek

Validate such an apporach is possible to build Elemental like disk images.


The idea is to make use of the containers storage library from to build the fundamental tool to manage the container storage.

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Hack Week 22


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