Starting with CUPS 1.6 things have changed considerably. Clients are no longer discovering broadcasted printers anymore. Distributions (e.g. Debian) has backported the original protocol into cups-daemon package but this doesn't seem to work either on my laptop. I would like to look and try to understand what the hack is going on here.

The outcome should be my understanding of the change and how to configure CUPs to behave reasonably again.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • jsmeix
      over 9 years ago by jsmeix | Reply

      For testing use either SLE12 (contains CUPS 1.7.5 plus the separated package cups-filters that contains the cups-browsed that provides some basic traditional CUPS Browsing functionality) or for openSUSE use CUPS 1.7.5 from OBS "home:jsmeix" plus cups-filters from OBS "Printing".

      For basic information see the SLE12 release notes: see also

      • jsmeix
        over 9 years ago by jsmeix | Reply

        Strange - seems some automatism changed my cut-and-pasted URL. Now it looks ...x8664... but it should be ...x86<underscore>64...

        • jsmeix
          over 9 years ago by jsmeix | Reply

          Really theer is some black magic!

          I cannot make an underscore visioble ger - at least not for me in my browser.

          The URL must contain ...x64 underscore 64 ...

        • jsmeix
          over 9 years ago by jsmeix | Reply

          And the other URL is not "showbug" but must be underscore bug...

      • mhocko
        over 9 years ago by mhocko | Reply

        Yes, cups-browsed (I accidentally named it cups-daemon previously) did the trick in the end. I had it installed but still wasn't lucky to see any remote printers. The trick was that /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf contained BrowseOrder allow,deny BrowseAllow all

        by default coming from Debian package. There was even a text describing "Note that for getting available the remote printers from all hosts/networks you have to remove all "BrowseAllow" lines." but I obviously didn't get it until I started cups-browsed directly with --debug option and saw: cups-browsed: Reading config: BrowseAllow all cups-browsed: BrowseAllow value "all" not understood [...] cups-browsed: browse packet from disallowed cups-browsed: browse packet from disallowed

        After commenting that line out, printers started showing up. I have also checked that avahi-daemon is really not required for the traditional CUPS printers. I guess I will eventually have to enable the beast but let's wait until printers really start using DNS-SD.

        Anyway, thanks for your links!

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