The openSUSE Heroes team provides a status page under, which is based on Cachet. While it is very nice to provide a status page to the users, this one has a few key issues explained below,

  • The need of the DB requires syncing between locations. Thus it would have been better to replace it with a static web page (see also at the offsite meeting summary link above, which also includes links of status pages of other infra teams).
  • The monitoring alerts are not going to the status page, so it always requires manual intervention in order to get status updates.

This topic has also been discussed in our latest offsite, see also the meeting summary.

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    • lrupp
      almost 6 years ago by lrupp | Reply

      While I'm happy to read that someone wants to start even thinking about a status page, I like to add two comments from my history, as the one who implemented

      • even a somehow generated static page needs to get distributed to multiple locations (and you might want to make sure that your "source of truth" is also high available). Setting up the DB servers on status{1,2} in a master - master setup was seen as easier task from my side than having an additional GIT (or whatever) source that needs to be available. Just ask yourself: how many times was status.o.o not available? - And would the "static page" generation have helped to avoid this?

      • about "monitoring alerts not going to the status page": as written in their documentation, Cachet has a nice API that can be used for that.

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