Over the years I have stumbled upon various Android projects where I needed a feature and wasn't able to implement it because I had no idea about Android development.

Downloading an SDK by hand and setting it up one time on a computer always seemed like a waste of time to me. I prefer writing a package once or writing config files ones and then can use them everywhere later. This put me off for quite a while.

I would like to use this Hackweek to make myself familiar with Android development.


  • Installing SDK/IDE
  • Learning development fundamentals
  • Follow official Udacity course (takes 60 hours?!)
  • Maybe write a first small app
  • Contribute to one of the Apps I like

I used to use a language learning system called Glossika which recently switched from shipping the audio files + PDF to forcing users to use an online tool (so you can only learn while you have an internet connection). Someone started an alternative: Natibo. Hopefully at the end of this I will be able to contribute there.

Addionally it would be interesting to write an App in Qt/QML and see how it compares.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 17


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    • mvetter
      about 6 years ago by mvetter | Reply

      How far I got: https://blog.iodoru.org/post/2018-07-16-android-dev/

    • mvidner
      almost 6 years ago by mvidner | Reply

      You might also be interested in another "Learn Android development" project: https://hackweek.suse.com/17/projects/learn-android-development-just-roll-one-die (mine).

      • mvetter
        almost 6 years ago by mvetter | Reply


    • innotechsol
      over 4 years ago by innotechsol | Reply

      I spent an amazing time learning Android App Development Service from well-known platform Udacity and Google SkillShop now I am working as an android app developer.

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