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The Steam Deck is a portable gaming handheld built around platform technology similar to the one found in AMD mobile laptops. Vendor Valve ships a custom Linux distribution with downstream patches on this device, but booting into other distributions is possible. Connecting the Steam Deck to a dock can turn it into a compact workstation.

While a lot of patches have been upstreamed or rewritten for upstream, some upstream-only issues persist. Archlinux users work around this by just using Valve's downstream versions which is not the route I would like to take.

I already had a chance to explore these issues last year and got a lot of help from cool developers such as tiwai. But I did not get as far as I would have liked. I want to revisit these issues and learn more about kernel work. As a kernel newbie I am looking forward to learning more.

I appreciate help, pointers, tips and tricks from experienced maintainers. Kernel newbies such as myself are also very welcome to join, too. Some open issues already contain commands that you can use to collect information and help you learn, so make sure to take a look at the existing Bugzilla reports.

Goal for this Hackweek

  • retest known issues with the latest Tumbleweed snapshot
  • figure out how to collect useful information and research around drivers
  • revive these open issues and hopefully come closer to finding a solution
  • learn a bunch about the kernel, drivers and debugging (probably mostly ALSA ASoC, DRM, x86_64 ACPI)
  • try patching the Tumbleweed kernel and see what happens
  • write a small blog post about how it went including some photos


Looking for hackers with the skills:

steam steamdeck kernel drivers

This project is part of:

Hack Week 22


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  • Comments

    • tschmitz
      7 days ago by tschmitz | Reply

      bugzilla#1202570 I cannot say much about since I do not understand all existing power states. Suspension works fine.

    • tschmitz
      7 days ago by tschmitz | Reply

      bugzilla#1202566 I cannot replicate on the kernel package from the main repo.

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