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The idea is to create and internally host a simple webpage with proper backend code allowing quicker and easier lookup for package maintainers and bug owners from OSC. Nothing fancy, just a page with search box and few radio button parameters to execute the lookup and display the results. Obviously it needs to fulfill security measures when it comes to the access to OSC on the service level and also user access rights to the search page itself (e.g. Okta). Currently the lookup can be done via terminal (which is OK), but there are security measures in place which makes the lookup difficult for some and granting an engineering VPN access just for the sake of this OSC lookup is a bit an overkill for people that do not need it for any other purpose.

Goal for this Hackweek

The goal is to prospect the options of the potential service based on the current infrastructure, assess the feasibility and complexity of the solution and potentially design a demo version. Please, give some love to this idea in case you find it useful.


Few details can be found in the User Guide: Open Build Service This is definitely a good start, but we would need to gather more details about how to hook a web service like this to the existing infrastructure.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 23


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    • hennevogel
      9 months ago by hennevogel | Reply

      If you are "just" looking for the tool (not the experience to create it) there are several already:

      • a.k.a
      • a.k.a.

      • pvlasin
        9 months ago by pvlasin | Reply

        Hello Hendrik, wow! This is it I did know this exist and nobody I shared my idea with was aware. This is awesome. Thank you. Big help.

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