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virtio-serial in OpenStack

a project by e_bischoff

Currently, the usual way to communicate with VM instances in the cloud from outside is ssh. This is okay for most uses, but a) does not work when you mess up with the guest's ability to network and b) requires a free floating IP. I wonder if, for qemu/kvm instances, it would be possible to use virtio-serial possibilities : from the guest, it is seen as a serial port, and from the outside, it is seen as a UNIX socket, or as something else. It is fast, as it does not go through virtualization and device drivers.

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Plan 9 filesystem support in GRUB

a project by ptesarik

Project Description

QEMU can serve host files using the 9P2000 protocol. Xen can serve host files using the 9P2000 protocol. Even WSL2 can serve files using the 9P2000 protocol. This makes it a perfect choice to make your kernel under development in your host environment available to your testing VM, right? Well, almost. GRUB2 cannot boot from a Plan9 filesystem share.

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