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switch to grub2 for powerpc

an invention by k0da

There is a grub2 available for powerpc for a while. Let's switch to it by default.

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Make Intel baytrail based device(s) work better with openSUSE

a project by mkubecek

Recently I became a (not very proud) owner of Acer Aspire Switch 10E, a small notebook/tablet convertible based on Intel baytrail platform. Replacing preinstalled (32-bit!) Windows 8.1 with (64-bit) openSUSE proved more challenging than expected, mostly because the device is haunted by a 32-bit UEFI so that it took me a week to make it boot without an external USB flash disk. Even today, a lot of issues persist. As I do not want to waste a (partially) good hardware, I would like to make it as usable as possible. This is much less selfish than it sounds as there are many other devices based on Intel baytrail platform so that the effort is going to help their owners as well (if successful, that is).

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Implement ZSTD + BTRFS support to GRUB2

an invention by dsterba

The ZSTD is a new compression method, potential replacement for existing methods. The support has been added to linux 4.14, but the bootloader support is missing. Goals:

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Plan 9 filesystem support in GRUB

a project by ptesarik

Project Description

QEMU can serve host files using the 9P2000 protocol. Xen can serve host files using the 9P2000 protocol. Even WSL2 can serve files using the 9P2000 protocol. This makes it a perfect choice to make your kernel under development in your host environment available to your testing VM, right? Well, almost. GRUB2 cannot boot from a Plan9 filesystem share.

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Building a container bootloader

an invention by flonnegren

Building a container bootloader

Building a UEFI application that can boot a EFI stubbed linux kernel+initrd from a container store stored in a fat filesystem.

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