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Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard used for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances.

Radio Scope - Swiss Army Knife for Everything Wireless

a project by duwe

<p>WLAN, bluetooth, DVB, DAB, ... I'm not getting any data!</p> <ul>

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Android client for bluetooth serial device for car diagnostics

a project by cwh

There is quite a popular Android software for connection OBD standard adapters but not for older, brand specific ones. One for pre 2001 VAG cars is this one:

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investigate Bose headset tools and add support for QC Earbuds

a project by fcrozat

Project Description

There are several tools which are reversed-engineering Bose Bluetooth protocol to control some specific

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Add support for the Medion Life P4000 Smartwatch to Gadgetbridge

a project by dancermak

Project Description

Aldi was/is selling the Medion Life P4000 Smartwatch, which is currently only supported by Medion's proprietary Fitness Pro App. It would be great to add support for this Smartwatch to Gadgetbridge, so that it can be used on a Android Smartphone without proprietary apps.

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Reverse engineer BLE protocol of led light

a project by lnussel

Project Description

Reverse engineer the bluetooth low energy protocol used by a cheap LED ceiling light from Amazon:

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