Project Description

Replace resolvconf with a tool that generates unbound(8) configuration instead of resolv.conf.

Goal for this Hackweek

Learn about the resolvconf interface and how to translate the network manager provided information into a DNS resolver configuration


There is a solution using dnsmasq so it should be doable

dnsmasq is a sort of swiss army knife network server. That is kind of a wonderful thing - it is small, portable and can do many things. It is also kind of an underdocumented pile of hacks that does many things, and none of them quite well.

The standard solution for this in openSUSE is

The solution Debian/Ubuntu uses is

Of course, there is systemd-resolved, systemd must provide an implementation for everything

There is already a solution that produces unbound configuration

Looking for hackers with the skills:


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Hack Week 22


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