Zypp offers only those items within a repository, which are 'installable', i.e. 'compatible' with the systems architecture.

But there are several use cases, up to mirroring a whole repository, where people would like to query, resolve and download items of foreign architecture without actually installing them. Offering those items in libzypp should be quite easy, but we must also make sure nothing 'stupid' happens if zypper also sees uninstallable items in the pool.

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    • lslezak
      over 9 years ago by lslezak | Reply

      This could help to solve https://bugzilla.suse.com/show_bug.cgi?id=746073, Yast could detect which architectures are supported by the repository.

    • jfkw
      almost 5 years ago by jfkw | Reply

      I have been looking for a tool I can use from my laptop that can show what versions of a given package are available in multiple/all repositories and architectures.

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