I`d like to create new set of tools for mirroring ISOs and repositories from "master" server to slaves/mirrors.

ATM we are using very old and buggy set of internal tools. scripts are written in several different languages (bash, perl, python) and on always easy to undigested their purpose.
In the new tools we should start from scratch and use one "modern" language.

tools should be able to: a] syncing: mirror data from source to mirror (as fast as is possible) automatically and manually on a request. b] priority: set up different priority for specifics data sync. for example SLED product might have higher priority then SLES or OpenSUSE for mirror in Beijing, and SLES have generally higher priority then OpenSUSE. It can have also priority for release like this (form low to high) BUILDXXX -> Alpha -> Beta -> RC -> GMC -> GM c] Pause already running syncs (e.g. when they have lover priority) and continue them letter on without losing data. d] Have central point for management of data sync processes. - Not need to jump into several mirrors and work there. e] Create it as OpenSource product - can be use in future of us (or any body else). Not to hard-code internal paths, scripts etc. f] Have nice web GUI for bosses, they can see the current status, progress and maybe to change priority for jobs g] Create PXE menu base on real present data (ISOs) with sub-menus (sorted by products and porpouse ). Auto update it when there is a new iso and delete a menu line when ISO is gone. h] integrate it with "Mirrorbrain"

I know this is a big task for me, but I hope others colleagues help me with it.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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