Q: How many new bugs opened over time for a package?

The question is simple, but need some effort to answer in the context of a distro with thousands of packages.

The question is useful. It can be rephrased/translated/interpreted to many different ways:

  • It could represent how actively the end users use a package.
  • It could represent how many engineering effort in the future for bug fixing.
  • It could represent quality of the package.
  • It could give us an indicator how active of the upstream.

I do feel there is no brilliant solution to get it answered ideally. But, I do like to get better understanding for a limited number of packages in my top list at least. And do hope it could help us daily life at certain degree.

The challenge could involve:

a) To understand behaviors of each upstream. It could be different, example, bugzilla/launchpad/github/mailinglist are tools to track bugs in the reallity.

b) To use the API, or have to play with bugzilla directly by POST/GET

ps. Months back David said he mentored a CSDN Summer of Code project to answer how active among the mass number of packages in the public. My thought is in the same Theme. However, David won't list it for this hackweek. Even though, I'd like to discuss with him more and do some adventure :)

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • zzhou
      over 9 years ago by zzhou | Reply

      Summary of Hackweek11

      • suse/redhat bugzilla via python-bugzilla over xmlrpc api [done]

      • limited oracle bugzilla access via HTTP GET. Didn't find out the exported API yet. [partially done]

      • Need to check any exported API on debian /ubuntu /github /clusterlabs /developerbugs.linuxfoundation [todo]

      • To use python for more complex statistics reporting [todo]

      Some result data from Hackweek11

      corosyncredhat.csv in about a year, 28 bugs. corosyncsuse.csv in about a year, 23 bugs. dlmredhat.csv in about a year, 17 bugs. dlmsuse.csv in about a year, 15 bugs. drbdredhat.csv in about a year, 15 bugs. drbdsuse.csv in about a year, 22 bugs. kvmredhat.csv in about a year, 22 bugs. kvmsuse.csv in about a year, 87 bugs. libstoragemgmtredhat.csv in about a year, 20 bugs. lvm2redhat.csv in about a year, 295 bugs. lvm2suse.csv in about a year, 42 bugs. ocfs2oraclemanual.csv in about a year, 12 bugs. ocfs2suse.csv in about a year, 25 bugs. xenredhat.csv in about a year, 36 bugs. xensuse.csv in about a year, 39 bugs.

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