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Ruby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language.

Reduce the amount of TODOs for RuboCop in OBS

an invention by enavarro_suse

Project Description

The OBS project has a big TODO RuboCop file. Reducing its size and addressing RuboCop offenses will help to improve the health of the codebase.

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Dawnscanner: parsing a simple sinatra application

an idea by pperego

Project Description

Dawnscanner is a ruby code security static analyzer I created in 2013. In 2021 I kickstarted the project again during HackWeek.

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Catalog/Online Store for a bakery in Rails 7

a project by gfilippetti

My wife needs a website to catalog and sell the products of her upcoming bakery, and I need to learn and practice modern Rails. So I'm using this Hack Week to build a modern store using the latest Ruby on Rails best practices, ideally up to the deployment.


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Modernize SCC Customer Management and/or Patchfinder

an invention by digitaltomm

Project Description

Customer Management and Patchfinder are 2 sub applications in SCC that are written in AngularJS (1.7.5).

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