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Rebasing of the current MicroOS installation

a project by epaolantonio

Project Description

It would be nice being able to "rebase" a MicroOS/Aeon/Kalpa installation. This can be useful, for example, to undo changes done manually with transactional-update shell, to try another variant (like replacing Aeon with Kalpa) and so on... but the goal of this project is mostly to get more knowledgeable with the MicroOS/ALP internals (tukit, snapper, et all) while doing something fun.

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Parental controls on Tumbleweed/Aeon

a project by fcrozat

Project Description

Evaluate the various parental controls options to be used on Tumbleweed / Aeon, pick and choose one or more (depending on the needs) and make sure they are properly packaged on openSUSE Tumbleweed (if not available on Flathub) and can be integrated on a computer for a kid.

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