YaST dumps quite information to its own log file (placed at /var/log/YaST2/y2log). That info is very useful to understand and discover what is happening when an issue appears. All YaST modules write into this log file, and the brand new yast2-storage-ng is not an exception. Some improvements are necessary regarding to the logging of this new module:

  • Libstorage-ng is the C++ library powering the rewrite of the YaST storage stack. For using libstorage-ng from yast2-storage-ng in a more Ruby-like way, we created a wrapper that provides several features like automatic downcasting. But the current downcasting mechanism used by the wrapper causes libstorage-ng to introduce a lot of noise in the YaST logs. It would be nice to reduce that noise.

  • To represent the system storage configuration (disks, partitions, LVM, etc) a special object called "devicegraph" is used. This object contains all the information regarding the devices and their relations, for example, which partitions are used as physical volumes, the filesystem format used for root, etc. All this information is very useful when debugging, so we would like to print it into the log files.

  • Improve ruby object representation in logs. In some cases, when a ruby object in dumped to logs, its string representation is not useful because only the object id is showed.

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      Here the Pull Request that implements these improvements: https://github.com/yast/yast-storage-ng/pull/425

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