Get an overview about the unofficial Google Drive clients, which exist for Linux. Give them a broader testing. Figure out which one is usable.

  • grive: With using that client I've seen fatal issues, e.g. I've created a folder upstream and uploaded some files to it. When running the Linux client, it thought the upstream folder had been removed locally and therefore removed it also upstream!?! Obviously this is not what you expect and want. Fortunately the client provides a "--dry-run" option. Use this always first if you're considering to use this client!
  • grive-tools: Honestly I failed miserably when trying to install all libappindicator dependancies for this package provided for openSUSE. But with the results seen above I'm not sure I want to see grive been used for autosync anyway ...
  • overgrive: Didn't try that, but I expect to see the same dependancy issues and unexpected behaviour as with grive/grive-tools.
  • drive: Works great as long as you don't have files upstream with the same name. Since then it reports file conflicts, when trying to download them. Actions like push/pull needs to be confirmed before submitted and you see a verbose output, what has changed and added/deleted. So you're really feeling safe using this tool. Since this is my favorite, here are the instructions how to install it. You need to have git, mercurial and go installed to get drive running (sudo zypper ar go; sudo zypper ref go; sudo zypper in git mercurial go) Also add a directory for your go programs (mkdir ~/go). Set GOPATH and expand your PATH (export GOPATH=$HOME/go; export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin). Then download, build and install the drive go program: go get Rebuild/reinstall: go build/install Further instructions how to initialize and use you can find on <a href=></a>
  • Insync: Didn't try this either, since it's insane expensive ($20 per Google account) and I'm happy with drive ;-)

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      A quick research reveiled there is grive for manual sync. grive-tools making use of grive for autosync. overgrive based on grive gives some additional features compared to grive-tools, but you need to pay for it ($3.99). Seems development of grive stopped already in 2013. I'm afraid the same applies for grive-tools/overgrive. A program developped in Go and still under development is called 'drive'. It's more like using git (push/pull files). Sounds interesting. And there is Insync ($20). Wow! That's much. At least there is a 15 day trial version available.

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