Pology is a Python library and collection of command-line tools for in-depth processing of PO files, the translation file format of the GNU Gettext software translation system.

Pology functionality ranges from precision operations on individual PO messages, to cross-file operations on large collections of PO files.

It is written in Python2, which is being deprecated soon. Therefore it needs to be migrated to Python3.

The most important feature which needs to work is posummit merge/scatter.


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Hack Week 19


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    • cdywan
      about 4 years ago by cdywan | Reply

      It looks like somebody started to work on it https://cgit.kde.org/pology.git/commit/?h=python3

      • vpelcak
        about 4 years ago by vpelcak | Reply

        Yep. It is suposed to be the first output of 2to3.

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