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A full, user-friendly desktop for Unix operating systems, based entirely on free software.

MicroOS Desktop

a project by RBrownSUSE

Updated 13 days ago. 25 hacker ♥️. 18 followers.

containerizing MicroOS Desktop components

a project by fcrozat

Project Description

Moving as much as possible of MicroOS Desktop into containers.

Updated 7 months ago. 5 hacker ♥️. 3 followers.

Improve the gnome-shell extensions

a project by xiaoguang_wang

Project Description

Improve the gnome-shell extension Screen word translate and Switch Workspace

Updated 7 months ago. 3 hacker ♥️. 1 follower.

Study Google Motion Photo file format

an invention by tjyrinki_suse

Project Description

Study Google Motion Photo file format, which records a short video clip in addition to actual photo in the same jpeg file.

Updated 7 months ago. 1 hackers ♥️. 2 followers.