I'm currently using LastPass as password manager but it has several drawbacks:

  • closed-source
  • subscription based (required for Android support)
  • can't be hosted on my own server
  • doesn't integrate at all with GNOME desktop

but it has also several nice features:

  • 2 factor authentication
  • Firefox and Chrome integration
  • Linux support
  • JS web client with no install required, when logging from a unknown system (never needed it)
  • Android integration (including automatic password selection for applications)
  • cli open-source client (lastpass-cli), allowing to extract account specific informations
  • encrypted data (nothing is stored unencrypted server side)

I plan to use this Hackweek to investigate the following:

  • evaluate the various password managers available on Linux
  • select the one which fits the best into my setup (GNOME and also Android)
  • try to integrate this password manager with GNOME :
    • make it a backend for gnome-keyring
  • then use as much GNOME infrastructure as possible for integration, such as:
    • asking master passphrase through GNOME infrastructure
    • try to manage keyring using seahorse
    • integrate password manager into epiphany (low priority)
    • integrate gnome-keyring into Firefox

I might also try to re-use lastpass-cli as a backend to gnome-keyring, but this shouldn't be a end-goal of this project.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 12


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    • kpimenov
      almost 7 years ago by kpimenov | Reply

      I've heard that some guys are using KeePass in Dropbox or ownCloud synched folder.

      But I'm also stuck with a LastPass because of two-factor auth at the moment, so I really encourage you to improve the field.

    • dmuhamedagic
      almost 7 years ago by dmuhamedagic | Reply

      I used before pwsafe, was happy with it, but almost no integration with other applications.

    • mwilck
      about 5 years ago by mwilck | Reply

      I'm wondering what happened with this interesting project ...

    • Awe34248787
      4 months ago by Awe34248787 | Reply

      Yes, it very good to use but it needs to integrate for other apps to be amazing.

      rj | https://bigrigtruckingcompanyaustin.com/

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