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I would like to be able to give my fingers a well deserved rest from time to rime, so I'd love to be able to either control my computer with voice or simply dictate to it, for writing emails and so on, and if possible... even writing some code using my voice!

Goal for this Hackweek

(This is for hackweek 2022!)

  • Research the state of DeepSpeech
  • make nerd dictation work with my window manager
  • try out mycroft-core for computer control
  • Write a frontend for ease of configuration
  • Write a nice blog post about it


It's almost sad that while doing some research, voice over/text to speech solutions on other platforms (linux) are almost non existent, and those that exist are either discontinued or abandoned... however I found:

The following projects seem to still be active:

Then there's mozilla's text to speech

and then there's mycroft (which can be use for voice control)


PS: Looking into talon and eye tracking software such as ~OptiKey~ [windows only] is also a valid option here (also this is wild,

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 20


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