Every time we went to UEFI Plugfest, one of the frequently asked questions is how to setup a PXE/HTTPBoot server. Besides, we also have to setup and test the server before the event. Although we already have the document(*), it may be easier to deploy with a container image.

My goal is to learn how to package a container image in SLE/openSUSE and create a flexible image for the fast deployment of PXE/HTTPBoot server.

(*) UEFI HTTPBoot with OVMF

The result of Hackweek 17 is mightyboot.

However, it's based on Docker and a bit outdated. The goal for Hackweek 20 is to port it to Podman and explore the possibility to get rid of the dependency of hostnet.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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      Pushed the result to my github: https://github.com/lcp/mightyboot

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