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The purpose of this question is first to research, if we already have a python API available to be used in scripts to query status and details in the running cluster. If not already available the first purpose is to get a draft version of such an API. If it is already available the second purpose is to implement some useful examples for SAP workloads.

The API we are referring here is not the python API used by resource agents. But there are so much situation where you need to script with calling multiple crm* tools to figure out.

For SAP workloads (and we assume not only for SAP) it is helpful to have a stable way to figure out cluster information without calling multiple tools and parsing output and retuen-codes like done in bash scripts.

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    • pagarcia
      9 months ago by pagarcia | Reply

      Uyuni implemented the concept of cluster last year. Adding new cluster types is a matter of implement an API interface in a Salt module, which tells Uyuni how to work with that kind of cluster, e. g. do not reboot all the nodes at once, update servers sequentially, drain nodes before updating and/or rebooting, etc.

      Here are the details:

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