Working with some of the Linux modding communities I am aiming to make the ultimate guide / knowledge base for modifying the look and feel of your Linux install.

The scope of this hackweek project is to get the initial framework set up using Jekyll with some basic content added. Further content will be added in the future.

The initial Layout is documented here

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

This project is part of:

Hack Week 19


  • over 3 years ago: simotek started this project.
  • over 3 years ago: simotek originated this project.

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    • MDoucha
      over 3 years ago by MDoucha | Reply

      If you need some inspiration, one such guide already exists for Gentoo: GNU/Linux ricing

    • mvidner
    • mvidner
      over 3 years ago by mvidner | Reply

      "Ricing"? Like this?


      Ah, the Urban Dictionary is helpful:

      "Making improvements to a system that don't actually do anyone any good, and can sometimes have negative ramifications" ;-)

      • simotek
        over 3 years ago by simotek | Reply

        Yeah I think it comes from car culture for people who make there car's look nice but not go faster.

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