tcetc - transaction capable /etc

a project by wpreston2



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Building Son of Grid engine in OBS

an idea by ph03nix

Since my fork of Son of Grid Engine is apperently used by some people, I would like to use the Open Build system to create ready-to-use rpm packages for at least openSUSE Leap.

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Virtualization CI/Testing Work

a project by bfrogers

There are a number of items related to doing Virtualization CI and testing which I have a hard time getting to during my day job. I'll take Hackweek as an opportunity to get at least a little out of my normal space and improve our methods. This mainly focuses on QEMU/KVM and some of the efforts and infrastructure I've already got in various states of development, or at least investigation. Part of this effort is to try to leverage what is available in this space upstream, and to focus on watching the state of CI as it exists upstream, not just in our shipping products.

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SUSE guerilla gardening @maxtor #gogreen#proudtobegreen

a project by ukirschner

I want to set up a few small raised beds to plant some vegetables. Volunteers more than welcome-just ping me on RC.

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Using AI/ML to colorize old (black & white) photos

an idea by kwk

Converting old black and white photos or movies transform such artefacts from the past to the present. I will experiment with DeOldify ( on state-of-the-art GPU hardware and try to base this software on openSUSE.

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Explore AOSP alternatives (postmarketOS, LineageOS, Qualcomm mainlaining)

a project by pvorel

1) Explore postmarketOS, LineageOS on real device. 2) Explore Qualcomm mainlaining effort.

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Write an url shortener in Rust (And learn in the way)

a project by szarate

So I have :), it's currently doing nothing... (and for sale) but in the meantime, I'd like to write an url shortener from scratch and deploy it on my own server

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Embellishment of Solid Ground's Web User Interface (WUI) via Bootstrap v4

a project by vstsironis

Solid Ground[1] is a powerful software tool, essential for the daily tasks of an L3 agent. Built upon Django framework[2], it greatly simplifies the storing and management of the needed information for orchestrating the various, tedious and sometimes quite complicated actions (steps) of the L3 process[3]. And although Solid Ground is significantly benefited by the utilization of Django's ORM (and other components such as Rest, views, etc.) and has very strong command line interfaces (l3t and Django admin's shell), it lacks a modern, user friendly, clean and with nice user experience (i.e. engaging) WUI! The purpose of the current project is to leverage Bootstrap - the world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites[4] - in order to enhance Solid Ground's WUI without disrupting its operational capability! In other words to apply a cleaner, more engaging look and feel that will not break Solid Ground's functions.

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Alexa on Linux - voice commands for SUSE products

an idea by calmeidadeoliveira

What is it about? Learn about AVS (Alexa Voice Service) and install Alexa on Linux (or maybe a Raspberry Pi).

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Ceph Containers on Raspberry Pi

a project by mgfritch

The next release of Ceph (Octopus) will be delivered via containers.
A new tool named cephadm is being developed to bootstrap and manage Ceph containers.

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