openSUSE image for Samsung DEX

a project by adrianSuSE

I want to get an openSUSE based image working on Samsung DEX:

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Load balancing and cloud instances with Raspberri Pi

a project by SLindoMansilla


Play with raspberry pi to get high availability through load balancing and containers.

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Deep Dive into 3D Printing

a project by tmuntan1

I recently bought a 3D printer (ender 5) and would like to expand on my foundational knowledge on the topic: * Learn 3D modeling with Fusion 360.

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Remote access to Viessmann Trimatik MC

a project by tsbogend

Trimatik MC is an older heating control from Viessmann. It has no supported digital interface for remote access, but I found at least two ways to get access to sensor data like various temperatures and state of relay contacts. One way is to use the so called remote control the other use the clock timer. This project will use the latter way, because the hardware adaption is much easier and and all four timer channels could be controlled as well. Remote access will be done via an ESP32, which emulates the clock timer and gets/pushes data via WIFI. Current prototype is able is able to monitor traffic between the original clock timer and the heating control.

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Monitor upstream patch releases for GNOME packages in SLE / Leap

an idea by zhangxiaofei

Problem For the over 200 GNOME packages we maintain for each SLE / Leap releases, it would ideal to keep each of them up to the latest upstream patch version on correspondent branches. Currently we don't seem to do it globally and I hope to improve that.

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Contribute to KDE/Plasma

a project by apappas

As a daily user of the Plasma desktop this Hackweek is a perfect opportunity to make my first contribution(s) to it! Feel free to join me as a fellow beginner or mentor!

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Rewrite Jangouts using React/Redux

a project by IGonzalezSosa

We already tried to improve the Jangouts data model in the past and, although we made quite some progress, we did not finish it. I've been playing a bit with React and Redux lately, and I would like now to try a different approach replacing Angular with that combo. Using Vue.js might be another option too. Of course, we are not going to rewrite Jangouts in just one week, but let's see how far we can go. By the way, the redesign branch contains some interesting stuff from one of the GSoC that we should consider.

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Investigate Mycroft and the possibility of GNOME integration.

a project by yfjiang Mycroft is the name of a suite of software and hardware tools that use natural language processing and machine learning to provide an open source voice assistant.

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Summarize the tool chain I used to integrate office 365 mailbox.

a project by yfjiang

Since my mailbox has migrated to office365 mailbox a couple of weeks ago, I tried to optimize my tool chain to sync my mail and calendar and integrate to the gnome-shell (calendar, notification). So far I am comfortable with such a set and gonna use 2-3 hours in hackweek to summarize the practice of combining the following tools in written format: mutt, a small part of evolution process (for calendar sync), mailnag, mailnag gnome-shell-extension, tuning of gnome notification (understand the notification in full screen), trayicon plus.

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Learn how to Python3.

a project by lpalovsky

The idea is simple - I want to learn Python :) My previous knowledge about Python is small. Only few tutorials and some initial readings of below mentioned books to get an overview.

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