Many people ask how to start with openQA, ask "can you run these two lines in bash in an openQA" test and some shun the effort to try out openQA because it is "too big".


  • G1: Evaluate what could be the most minimal way to "run openQA"


My personal plan is to execute the following steps in roughly this order and priority not expecting to be able to complete all of these steps on my own at all:

current status and findings

starting situation

There is OBS which can be triggered by github projects but AFAIU only by people having access to a repo so being a package maintainer without being upstream maintainer is a problem. So somehow we have to run cron-jobs or systemd times or custom jenkins jobs to poll for upstream package changes. In case of the bigger SUSE/openSUSE products building e.g. repos and isos the process is more complicated and involves e.g. custom "autobuild-team-scripts" and I don't know how to even check the current status in case we don't know if any step succeeded or failed?

State at end of Hack Week 18

Thanks to jiannis openqa-bootstrap now calls openqa-clone-job for all additional, optional command line parameters. And with gh#os-autoinst/openQA#2137 the application openqa-clone-job can take simple complete test URLs to clone from and customize with test parameters.


Related to a ticket on the backlog of SUSE QSF (QA SLE functional) about [functional][epic] improve openqa triggering mechanisms, standardize OBS/IBS deliverables structure, trigger jobs using other means as well as [functional][u] Provide an option to set up openQA and immediately clone a job very easily

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 18


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    • okurz
      about 5 years ago by okurz | Reply

      Discussed with mkittler about feasibility of collecting results from an isotovideo run in an archive (folder or e.g. .tar.xz) and use openQA as a simple read-only webui for the results. Technically the code within the worker is already well-defined to go over all the test results and "upload" the results and display as we already use that for a "final step" to go over all modules once more in case we missed something during the runtime of the test. One could add a special mode to the worker or implement another worker that does exactly what is needed and not more.

    • okurz
      almost 5 years ago by okurz | Reply

      Hack Week 18 project successfully finished!

      Example how to use

      $(curl -sL | bash -x)$job

    • mvidner
      almost 3 years ago by mvidner | Reply

      That URL points to which is in a deleted branch on Github. I believe it should be replaced with

      • okurz
        over 2 years ago by okurz | Reply

        correct. I only can't update comments, my mistake to post a URL there and not in the description :D

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