Winepak integration for openSUSE

an idea by clanig

Recently the Winepak project has launched. It seems to package Wine installations that are specifically preconfigured for the corresponding applications in Flatpaks. Then the installer is loaded from the internet automatically.

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Writing PC game tests for openQA

a project by clanig

Although availability of computer games on Linux has improved a lot there is way more potential for openSUSE to fire them up. This project is about improving the usability of openSUSE for gaming to appreciate the gamers who run openSUSE as their primary OS. The final goal for a number of improvements is that each gamer can play flawlessly without a single issue.

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play with coreboot

a project by bmwiedemann

We got two old mainboards and hope we can get at least one of them to boot linux from coreboot. 1. ASUS M4A785TD-V SPI flash with DIP-8 socket

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COA Bootstrap

an idea by cxiong

I'd like to use this hackweek to bootstrap this effort. What's done:

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Compatibilux (Game launcher for old and new games and applications)

a project by fos

There are several game launchers for Linux already (like Lutris or GR-lida), but none of them is focused on compatibility with old Linux games or other ancient native applications. At the same time it is getting more and more difficult to get those old applications to run on modern Linux distributions. This is a learning project for me, so the goal is not to extend any existing GUI frontend, but get familiar with various techniques and see how far I can get without any previous knowledge.

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Help Astronomy team from University of Louisville

an idea by aplanas

The Astronomy team at the University of Louisville is providing documentation about how to setup openSUSE for a better experience for the daily job:

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help_wanted: javascript, chartjs frontend for bacheca (

an idea by dmaiocchi

If you are familiar with JS and chartjs, you can try to solve this issue.

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Improving the T-shirt size system for our Updates

a project by ONalmpantis

Suggest a new T shirt system using data mining techniques. A better way to provide accurate estimations of the difficulty/complexity of the updates we are testing.

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Try some funny Wireless Display Software for openSUSE

a project by acho


1. Try some funny Wireless Display Software

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Investigate zchunk support for delta downloads of repository metadara

a project by mlschroe

See Jonathan Dieter's chunk project.

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