While it is important for package maintainers to track the upstream code base activities and backport significant patches in a timely manner, it could be a tedious work when there's hundreds of packages in a project (ahem, GNOME) to follow manually.

So I wish to get mail notifications when new commits with certain keywords (e.g. SIG, {crash, hang}{s, ing, ed}, leak(age), CVE-, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=*, etc, etc) come in. It should only take a few scripts to glue the existing tools together, but hopefully will save quite some working hours, and shorten the time of bug response proactively in the future.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • zhangxiaofei
      almost 6 years ago by zhangxiaofei | Reply

      The first version of git snitch was done successfully and has been up and sending emails about upstream commits which may worth backporting to SLE to a small number of interested people whenever it finds a new commit containing predefined keywords. However..

      • It is written in bash and not maintenance friendly
      • The configuration is in a /etc/passwd -like format with inadequate extensibilities when if we want to configure for multiple users, snitching different sets of git repositories, with different sets of keywords being notified on different time intervals, each settings may involve predefined global settings with different blacklists/whitelists, etc.
      • The recurring are set in cronjob without customization for each user
      • There are flaws in the keyword regex matching

      So I plan to rewrite it..

      • In python which is more readable and parses yaml with more easy so as to..
      • Put the configurations into yaml
      • Move the recurring from cronjob into the configuration
      • Make smarter keyword matching

      Other possible ideas:

      • Automatically send snitched commits as cards to a Trello board
        • Which will be hard without human interference as the current results contains majority of commits irrelevant to SLE15

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